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Here at Green Living Water Solutions, we believe that healthy, delicious drinking water shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. That's why we strive to keep our prices competitive while still keeping the quality of our products high. When you choose us as your water softener provider, you can restassured that you are getting the best value for your money. We offer free water testing for your Las Vegas, NV, home or business. Schedule yours today, or call us at 702-551-2030 to order your watersoftener.
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Lifetime MANUFACTURER’S Warranty
Lifetime MANUFACTURER’S Warranty
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Do I Need A Water Softener?

If you have hard water, you should consider installing a water softener system for your home. Hard water can have a negative effect on your family and your belongings in many ways. If you are in doubt of whether your home water is indeed hard, you should look for several clues.
  • Your Water Faucets Have a Low Flow
  • Your Fixtures, Sinks, and Tiles Hold Residue
  • Your Tap Water Tastes Odd
  • Your Laundry Seems Dull or Grimy
  • Your Skin Feels Itchy and Dry
  • Your Hair Seems Dull or Dingy
  • Your Household Appliances Don’t Run Efficiently
If you're experiencing one or more of the negative effects above give us a call you will be glad you did!