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Water Softeners: the Ultimate Buying Guide

Water Softeners: the Ultimate Buying Guide


Why do I need a water softener?

Living in a desert climate comes with a lot of challenges for homeowners, and Nevada is no different. Well water straight from the ground is often filled with harmful minerals, including calcium and magnesium. Typically, the presence of these minerals mean the water has a very noticeable smell and taste. When water contains this large amount of calcium and magnesium, it is called “hard water”.

Although it’s usually still safe to drink, it does cause problems in a home’s water systems. After all, you can grab bottled water out of the fridge to drink, but it’s hard to use bottles to wash your dishes or take showers. Hard water will clog your pipes. Due to this lime scale build-up, pipes become blocked and the efficiency of hot water tanks is reduced. This can increase the cost of your water heating by about 15% to 20% annually. It also affects the ability of your soap and detergent to dissolve in water. In fact, noticing that soap doesn’t really dissolve in your water is often what makes homeowners realize they have an issue.


What is the Difference Between a Water Softener and a Water Conditioner?

A water conditioner takes chlorine and organics out of the water before it enter your home. A water softener takes out the hardness (calcium, magnesium) out of the water which is better for your hair, clothes , and your plumbing. There is no salt water softener in existence that is a myth. They are actually water conditioners


How to Buy the Right Water Softener

This is not a decision to try to figure out on your own, but you can’t trust everyone to help you the right way, either. You need to get educated about your need for a water softener, not scared and more confused! Vegas and the surrounding area in Nevada has the third-worst rated water in the country, which is why there are so many water treatment companies in our area. Less-than-reputable companies are using fear against residents just trying to get information.

Some companies, are using fear to make people scared, even using the word “cancer.” The problem when doing business with these kind of companies is that they are misleading you. Another thing to be concern about , if you do business with a national brand water company (which we used to own 2 of them right here in Las Vegas) if you need to have them serviced you have to go through them directly, you can not hire any plumbing company to service it due to the plumbing company not being able to get the parts. If parts get obsolete and then they have to replace the whole system, this is how they upgrade you. That’s exactly how people get sucked into buying a five or seven thousand dollar system. However, a water softener product should not be sold on the premise that it removes carcinogens from water. A filtration system is to make water clearer, better tasting and better smelling and to protect you plumming by removing calcium and magnesium. If a company is telling you anything beyond that, it’s possible they’re using emotion and fear to move their products. Don’t trust a company that scares you, come to IT’S YOUR CHOICE and let us educate you so that you can make your own decision based on your needs not theirs.



Contact Green Living Water Solution, your local water expert, for an in-home free water quality test! Your IT’S YOUR CHOICE certified professional will come to your home and provide a complete analysis of your water, plumbing and water-using appliances. We will provide a detailed report and equipment estimate as well. Often we find that Southern Nevada homeowners do need a water softener. If you are told this, don’t worry! Our most popular water softeners include:



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