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As a homeowner and concerned parent, you want to know the quality of the water in your home. After all, you can grab bottled water out of the fridge to drink, but it’s hard to use bottles to wash your dishes or take showers.

Vegas has the third-worst rated water in the country, that’s why there are so many water treatment companies in Las Vegas. Less-than-reputable companies around Nevada are using this against residents just trying to get information.They are using people’s kids to make everyone scared, even using the word “cancer”.

Wait-what do you mean cancer?

If you’re being told your home’s hard water could result in cancer down the road due to the chemicals, you’re absolutely right to be concerned. Many of these companies are not even local. The problem when doing business with national chains is that when their system needs service ,they have to go directly to the supplier. The parts are not easy to get. If parts get obsolete and then they have to replace the whole system, this is how they upgrade you.That’s exactly how people get sucked into buying a 5 or 7 thousand dollar system. However, a water softener product should not be sold on the premise that it removes carcinogens from water. A filtration system or softener is to make water clearer, better tasting and better smelling and to remove the harness from the water (Calcium and Magnesium). If a company is telling you anything beyond that, it’s possible they’re using emotion and fear to move their products.

At IT’S YOUR CHOICE, that’s not something you’ll ever experience with us. We believe in selling based on facts, not fears. We provide Las Vegas and the surrounding Nevada cities with American-made water treatment products. We know that it doesn’t matter how the water softener looks on the outside; what is important is what is inside it. Our most popular water softeners include:

We work with an american manufacturer so they can get their parts here in America. Any plumbing company can work on our filters or softeners because anyone can get the parts you need replaced, easily and affordably. IT’S YOUR CHOICE serves local homes and commercial buildings with the best water treatment products at the most competitive prices, based on facts and not emotions. There are water softeners being sold in big box, chain stores that cost up to 6,000 dollars despite the fact that we offer the model for 2,000. We don’t think that’s right. Your 100% satisfaction is always our main goal. Call us now at (702) 563-4404.

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