The Beast Elite 7 Stage Water Refiner

Designed Exclusively for Severe Water Problems

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BEAST ELITE: Seven Stage Water Refiner

Transform your water quality with the BEAST ELITE Seven Stage Water Refiner from Green Living Water Treatment. Experience unparalleled water refinement designed to handle the toughest water problems with advanced technology and exclusive features.

Introducing the BEAST ELITE Seven Stage Water Refiner by Green Living Water Treatment, engineered specifically to tackle the most severe water problems. This advanced system combines multiple filtration technologies to deliver pure, softened, and conditioned water for your home.

Exclusive Features

  • High Capacity Cation 16% Cross-Link Resin
  • KDF55 Media Guard (Redox) Cubes
  • Catalytic Activated Carbon
  • Garnet & Quartz
  • Anion Resin
  • Coconut Shell Carbon
  • GAC Carbon


This comprehensive solution softens, conditions, refines, and purifies water, ensuring the highest quality for all your needs.


Benefits to having a Water Refiner

  • The most reliable, effective and efficient water treatment products.

  • 100% Financing OAC

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!




All of our refining systems are covered by a MANUFACTURERS Lifetime Warranty.


Anion Resin

Durablend resin designed to condition water, targeting harmful anions such as nitrate, sulfate, alkalinity, perchlorates, and other harmful chemicals and impurities.

KDF-55 (Redox) Cubes

Effective in chlorine removal and reduction of heavy metals. Controls micro organisms and bacterial static, ensuring safer water.

Coconut Shell Carbon

A polishing carbon that enhances taste and odor by removing chlorine and other dissolved organic chemicals in city water, providing clean, fresh, filtered water.

GAC Carbon

Targets dissolved and organic chemicals, suspended matter, and free chlorine for a thorough purification process.

Cation Resin (16% Cross-Link)

Provides maximum softening by removing hardness, calcium, and magnesium, delivering softer water for everyday use.

Gravel Bed

Ensures optimal flow and distribution within the water treatment system.


Serves as a water clarifier, increasing flow through the treatment equipment while protecting internal distributor and screen assembly, enhancing the system’s durability and efficiency.

Contaminants Removed

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