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Water Refiners

A water refiner is a system that goes beyond what a water softener can do. A water refining system not only removes minerals that create hard water but also contaminants like chlorine, iron and sediments. It also removes foul taste and odors from water as well. Our water refiner systems are American manufactured and customized to solve all your water needs in Henderson.

Why do you need a water refiner?

Can you smell chlorine when you open your faucets? Local municipalities use chlorine to treat city water and kill bacteria but that doesn’t mean that drinking chlorine is ideal for your family, that’s why we help you remove chlorine from water before it comes out of your pipes.
Las Vegas has some of the worst-quality water in the country, in 2009 it was ranked 98 out of 100 in a nationwide comparison of 100 different water utilities.

A free water test determines if a refiner is the best solution for your water needs.

Our Most Popular Water Refiners

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Water refiners are the elite in water filtration; softening, conditioning and purifying water. Our Three Stage Refiner (T.S.R.) is specifically manufactured for Southern Nevada water conditions. It will remove the chlorine taste and odor, hardness minerals and sediment.


All T.S.R. systems are covered by a lifetime MANUFACTURERS warranty.





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