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Free Water Test in Henderson

Did you know that a well should be tested annually for nitrates and coliform bacteria? Even when the well is properly maintained, a number of environmental factors can plague your home's well water and contaminants can cause illness or issues with the home’s plumbing and appliance systems.

To determine if you have a water problem, how to solve it and what equipment you need to protect your family and home, the testing of your water by a licensed local water expert is key. Contact Green Living Water Solution, your local water expert, for an in-home free water quality test!

Your Green Living Water Solution certified professional will come to your home and provide a complete analysis of your water, plumbing and water-using appliances. We will provide a detailed report and equipment estimate.
We are serious about your water. We know the “very hard” water in Henderson, NV contains a large amount of added minerals in it. Learn more about what exactly is in your drinking, bathing, washing and sink water with a free water test from Green Living Water Solutions.

Speak with a Water Treatment Specialist in Las Vegas!